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April 27, 2019

Hanna + Jeremy | The Henderson Wedding in Destin, FL

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Hearing Hanna and Jeremy’s story was super incredible. Like most of my couples, they met online, but connected over a shared passion for festivals, electronic and reggae music, outdoor activities, and more!

On one of their early dates the night ended with their first kiss…Hanna remembers being soo love drunk that she started driving home in the wrong direction. Jeremy proceeds to text, “Where are you going!?” But Hanna just remembered lying and telling him she was seeing a friend instead of the truth that she was “so gaga and so head over heels” that she started driving in the wrong direction! From that early amazing experience to a recent one, going skydiving on Jeremy’s birthday, Hanna and Jeremy formed an amazingly strong friendship that has been nurtured over time and transformed into love.

Now, come check out their beautiful wedding in Destin, Florida!

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