Casey + Vianey | Orange Blossom Barn Wedding in Bushnell, FL -

September 28, 2019

Casey + Vianey | Orange Blossom Barn Wedding in Bushnell, FL

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I first met Casey and Vianey several years back when I was still early in my photography career. They entered an engagement raffle I was running at the time and happened to win. We met up near The Dali museum in St. Pete and had a BLAST hanging out and getting to know each other all while taking photos. So, you can understand how upset I would be later finding out they already had a photographer and that their venue was all inclusive. I was heartbroken but as they say, life goes on.

Fast forward to a year later. I get a message from Casey and Vianey that their photographer canceled/dropped out and they wanted me to celebrate their day with them. As you can tell, I was absolutely elated! Come check out their chic, outdoor wedding!

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